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This weeks question is from Natasha Dorcus

Question :

Someone asked me this question recently and I dont know if there is a clear cut answer to the question. But I figured you may be able to tell me. Thanks. . .
If a company is dissolved and income was still being reported to this company how do you file tax returns for the income?

Answer :

Hey Natasha – How are you? Not sure what tax years you are talking about and how “old” this problem is but here’s my general thoughts.

A big part of this answer will depend on the state of incorporation. Some states allow you to reinstate dissolved companies while others do not. That would be the easiest. Then you could file all the tax returns, get the company current on that and then dissolve. Make sure any future payments go to either an SSN or a new EIN.

If you can’t reinstate the company, then I would next see if you could get the payor of the income to amend the 1099 and use another EIN or an SSN.

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  1. Mark G permalink
    December 4, 2009 3:11 am

    If a company registers to do business in a given state, are they automatically expected to file an income tax, or only if they have actual income in that state?

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