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Angela Allens 1st Task (Month 1)

September 25, 2009

✔MONTH 1:  Reality Check  – Before Angela can even approach moving she needs to know just how bad or good her situation is.  This reality check will help Allen’s know exactly where they are financially so that she can more effectively plan for a move.  It’s time to really look at where they are in terms of savings and where they can trim.  This month will look at their current monthly cash flows and determine what can realistically be done to trim the fat and save money for their move.   Shannon and Angela will develop an income statement.  Angela will keep a daily journal to see if her cash flow statement matches what happens in reality.  By the end of the month Shannon and Angela will agree on a savings goal to be used for the move to Atlanta.

First Task: Gather all receipts, pay stubs, statements and bills to
create a cash flow statement for last month – August
2009 This will tell us exactly where you are financially.
This is your financial reality check

Did Angela complete her task???? Click here to find out: Angela Allen

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  1. October 12, 2009 1:00 am

    Hi Ms. Shannon! So glad you moved across to this part of the country! Let’s stay connected. Your talk at Blogalicious today totally resonated with where I’m headed with my business and my blogging. (Thank ~you~ for “getting it”!)

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