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The Power of Twitter

April 6, 2009

Well it looks like listening to the advice of my husband is finally paying off (LOL).  He suggested that I finally get onto Twitter and I did just that last month.  I had just taken on a brand new client who signed a tv deal with Disney (code for mama has work to do) AND it was tax season (also code for mama has work to do) so the last thing I was trying to do was develop another social networking “habit.”  But I listened and imagine my surprise today when I saw that members were “re-tweeting” (RT – just learned what that means) my article on Special Needs Trusts!  

Since the issue of Autism really hits home for me, the idea of being able to help other families as they sidestep the mine field that is “special needs,” makes me want to tweet even more!  Thanks @asoutherngirl for posting the original link.  The power of Twitter…gotta love it!

Want to follow me on Twitter?  I’m @shannonnash.  Now, I’m off to learn more about #hashtags and TweetGrid and TweetDeck and Tweetpics….LOL (not sure if it’s still cool to still type LOL, but it works for me).  Tweet ya later.

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  1. April 7, 2009 2:34 am

    Hello Shannon,
    It’s a pleasure to connect with you on Twitter. I also started into it with a sense of “oh no, another thing to do…” but rapidly became aware that it is an amazing connection tool AND potential time saver. Congrats on all your successes – I look forward to hosting you on my blog 🙂
    Warm Regards,

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